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Decentralized Payment Network

MarsPay TM Hardware Signator

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The Toponet Network

Risk-free transactions with consensus

Trustworthy Intermediary

Digital assets being exchanged between two parties are held by the Toponet network collectively, to allow the desired bidirectional transaction being finished with anonymity.

Conditional Payment

Like smart contracts, when a payment is made, it may carry mutually agreed conditions, according to which the Toponet network can judge whether should the payment be finished.

Smart Aggregation

Transactions made over the Toponet network will be aggregated before finally being pushed onto destination blockchains. Therefore the users can avoid unnecessary gas fees.

Expected to launch in December 2018


MarsPay™ Signator Preparing

Key storage made secure

Trustworthy Intermediary

The decentralized payment network of Toponet shall provide transparent exchanges between the users over the network without an intermediary agency.

Toponet Tokens: TPN

One token, one ecosystem

Ecosystem Integration

The total amount of TPN is 1 billion. TPN will be used as an intermediary token in the ecosystem, in order to improve the overall liquidity in the network.

Ethereum Representation

Before TPN get online within Toponet network, testnet TPN can be represented as an ERC20 token over Ethereum. The Ethereum representation of testnet TPN token is: 0xb46e1012fa3b753d7146189c2ce1fa87a06bf565

Only 2.4 million TPN Early Presale,

thanks for supporting Toponet.

1 ETH : 12000 TPN
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2018/8/5 -

Toponet Establishing a Fast, Safe and Convenient Network, Promoting the Blockchain Development of Token Economy

2018/8/10 -

Publish marspay prototype preview.The advanced wireless signer,More convenient and safer

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