Topnet Node plan will begin soon

Toponet is actively preparing for node construction . Users can join the construction by TPN and get the equity certificate of the node. The benefits generated by the node will distribute to users through the equity certificate.


How to join our project ?

Please focus on the real-time dynamics from our official website. We will announce the complete node plan lately, and then you can join it. Now you can actively participate in official website activities to get TPN or buy TPN.In the earlier stage, you can use the Ethernet network to record the whole participation process, and all the information will be mapped to the network nodes later


Why you need to participate in this project ?

The Toponet node will serve hundreds of millions people in the next few years,aiming to establish a more efficient decentration network.The service revenue generated by the node will be effectively distributed through the equity certificate.


How could users be protected?

If you have any worries, you can apply for refunding of the equity certificate before the node online. Exit will be finished after the audit.


List of the nodes

United StatesLos Angeles
South KoreaSeoul
IndiaNew Delhi
VietnamHo Chi Minh City
ChinaHong Kong
UkraineKyiv city
United KingdomLondon